Sex Dolls FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How to look after your doll?

Looking after our dolls is a simple process. To ensure hygiene, after sexual intercourse, we recommend that you rinse the holes with a syringe and plain water. If you also want to disinfect the doll, chlorhexidine will be able to do this effectively while being cheap and not causing damage to the doll. You can also use liquid soap mixed with water. The love dolls can be washed in the shower or bath. Although, please remember that it needs to be wiped out afterwards with a damp cloth and then left to dry. If you choose a doll with a replaceable vagina, then the process of cleaning is simple. To dry the holes, the love doll can be taken apart. We also recommend that if you do not use the sex doll for a long period then treat it with talcum powder. This prevents moisture from the room from settling on her.

Can the love doll’s makeup be changed?

The makeup on the doll can be styled in any way. However, be careful when using any oily makeup as these can be absorbed into the TPE material. There is no need to cover the doll with creams. You can treat the skin as though it will always stay fresh and need not use products such as anti-ageing masks applied to it. Always remember to wash off all make-up after use.

What is included with the sex doll?

A random selection of underwear will be included. However, the clothes shown in photoshoots (as shown in the catalogue and online) are not included.

Can you make dolls from photos?

We can make realistic dolls from photos or videos. However, these are more expensive than sex dolls for sale in the catalogue. You can contact us using our contact form or Skype, and we can discuss everything you need with you.

How does delivery work? Is it free?

Delivery is free of charge, and the blow-up doll will be delivered in a plain, unlabeled packaged although some shipments will require the customer to pay an import tax. This is paid to your country's customs office. You do not need to pay a custom’s tax if you are getting your doll delivered anywhere within the European Union and the USA.

Do the dolls look like the photos?

Yes, every photo on our website is with a realistic doll, so the dolls you see are what you will receive. However, the clothes shown in the images are not included. These are only used for demonstration purposes.

What poses can a doll be put into?

The realistic sex dolls have a metal frame which allows them to take all human poses.

Can I buy cheaper love dolls?

We do not recommend cheaper love dolls. We only deal with and recommend high-quality sex dolls. These are made of the best materials that have the European Certificate of Compliance (CE).

Can I return the doll?

We want to reassure you that all our sex dolls for sale are carefully checked and photographed before shipping. This allows us to guarantee the product will be fit for service. However, once the doll has been purchased, we cannot accept returns. This is a standard practice across the love doll industry. However, if the package is damaged during shipment, please contact us.

What is the maximum weight a doll can bear?

The material which our sex dolls are made from, TPE or silicone, can withstand a load of up to 150 kilograms.

What are standing and natural feet?

Standing feet allows the doll to stand. If the doll has the standard foot, then it cannot stand.

Do you have a program for regular clients?

Yes, we do. After you purchase a doll in our online store, you will be given a lifetime coupon for a 10% discount on all future purchases.

Can dolls be taken into the bath?

You can take our dolls into the bath or shower. Although we do not recommend getting the head of the love doll wet, once you have finished bathing, the sex doll needs to be wiped and dried. Please avoid using electronics that generate high temperatures as this can melt the TPE material.

What is the difference between TPE and silicone?

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer, also known as Cyberskin) is slightly softer than silicone. TPE is thought of as a porous material. This means it is susceptible to the absorption of oil, grease, and paint. However, TPE sex dolls feel just like a real body.

Alternatively, silicone does not suffer from absorption. Silicone dolls are more realistic with facial details and natural skin colours. There is a difference in price between the two materials; silicon dolls are more expensive than TPE dolls. However, both of these materials are ideal for creating realistic sex dolls.

Do your dolls look like real girls?

Our realistic sex dolls look just like real girls. They are made using casts of real people. Our sculptors accurately recreate all of the curves of the body; including breast shape, mouth, labia, vagina, fingers (even the nails) and other parts of the body.

All photos and videos on our website are of our actual sex dolls.

Can I pay upon receipt of the product?

Each doll is carefully created to the individual requests of the buyer. Due to this, we do not allow payment on delivery.

Recommendations for using your love doll:

TPE dolls cannot be blow-dried or heated strongly.

Please only use high-quality underwear, that does not shed or cause colouration of the skin.

Do not leave the doll in sunlight for long periods as this can cause the colour to change.

Care must be taken when using knives (or other sharp objects) near the doll.

Do not leave the doll in tight clothing or accessories for long periods, as this can leave traces of squeezing.

To prevent any wrinkling, keep the doll in a position with straight arms and legs.

The metal skeleton is only designed to be used in natural (human) poses.